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Taking important steps forward in diabetes care and support

Diabetesis a long-term condition experienced by millions of people which can be managed well with treatment and support. While it’s a serious condition there has been great progress over the years in boosting our understanding, treatment and advice for diabetes although there’s still not yet a permanent cure. As part of the good work being done, World Diabetes Day is held every year in November to raise wider awareness about diabetes and make further progress. At Flexitol, we provide a great range of products and resources for people with diabetes... Read More

Help and awareness of skin conditions on World Psoriasis Day

We’re all aware of our own appearances, whether it be our skin colour, eyes, hair, height or body shape. The amount of time we spend gazing at ourselves in mirrors is surely a testimony to that!  And the world seems more growing in acceptance of diversity and our different appearances, great to see! But what about our feelings towards different skin conditions? This may seem like an odd question. However, people with dry skin or other skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, sometimes feel that awareness, understanding and treatment... Read More

World Mental Health Day aims to kick the global conscience into action

Around one in four people in the UK are affected by a mental health problem1 and almost a billion people worldwide2. Yet mental health is one of the most neglected areas of public health, according the World Health Organisation (WHO). With the impact of a pandemic to contend with, today’s World Mental Health Day (10th October) aims to kickstart huge investment to help redress the balance and stave off what they describe as far-reaching health, social and economic consequences. As organisers of today’s campaign ‘Move for mental health: let’s invest’,... Read More

Feet first into health and wellbeing

Feet get a bit of a raw deal. They spend day in day out supporting our entire body weight, ensuring we get from A to B and what do we do in return? On the whole, probably not a lot. Our poor feet tend to be taken for granted and are out of step with the love we lavish on other, more noticeable parts of our body. But today, it’s time to make that change as we put our feet in focus to mark International Podiatry Day (8th October), a... Read More

From toilet seat to total fitness – why we’re not taking our inactivity crisis sitting down

Inactive Brits have been found to spend twice as long on the toilet each week than they do exercising. While we can all initially see the amusing side, it’s a pretty shocking statistic. According to ukactive, the fitness industry body that carried out the research into exercise habits, the average adult spends three hours and nine minutes weekly on the loo, compared to just one hour and 30 minutes being physically active.1 So, we’re joining the call to swap the toilet roll – not that we’re expecting anyone to go... Read More

Zoflora Killing Germs Beautifully Since 1922

It’s so important to protect yourself and your family from bacteria and viruses in your home, and Zoflora can help you do it beautifully. Zoflora concentrated multipurpose disinfectant has a unique triple action formula, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with an effective odour-neutraliser. Available in an array of beautiful, bespoke fragrances, not only does it eliminate germs in your home, but also leaves a burst of fragrance that lasts all day long.                     The Heritage of Zoflora… The Zoflora story starts back in 1922, when business partners Nathan... Read More

Sexual health – good for the mind, body and soul!

Thrust the words ‘sexual health’ into a conversation and most people tend to assume sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and a lecture on condoms are on the agenda. But it’s actually so much more than that and it’s a topic of conversation we’re all encouraged to engage in more often. It’s described by World Health Organisation (WHO) as: “A state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.” So, popping our STI and unplanned pregnancy misconceptions aside, let’s talk about the ins and outs of sexual health… The... Read More

We’ve missed many things during lockdown – head lice definitely isn’t one of them!

While lockdown has been tricky at times, it has meant most families have been blissfully free of those lousy lice. Head lice normally thrive on children being close, huddled together with heads touching, so you’d like to think a long period at home without contact would mean the pests would be gone for good. Sadly not. With some youngsters now back at school and the anticipated ‘new normal’ return of children in September, parents may well dreading a flare up. It’s a myth that head lice are caught solely from... Read More

Expert head lice advice – a heads-up for parents.

If hair-dwelling critters give you the jitters, we’re about to go through the facts with a fine-tooth comb and brush off those myths. Yes, even the thought of head lice is enough to make you itch – we’re scratching just writing this! It’s every parent’s nightmare. The dreaded letter from school – even worse finding it languishing crumpled at the bottom of your child’s schoolbag a week after the alert went out. The initial horror of finding those unwelcome visitors, dashing out to buy a treatment, applying treatment, then the... Read More

How and why breastfeeding did a full circle.

By Gillian Potts Breast is best is the cry. Cries of ‘breast is breast’ have long been the slogan of a public health campaign which started in 1999. Breastmilk was portrayed as the ultimate ‘designer food’ in a millennial movement against a backdrop of government concerns that the UK was lagging background its European counterparts in the breastfeeding department.1 Despite a rather long history of breastfeeding – since the birth of babies, unsurprisingly – it seemed British mums were failing to latch back on to the biological norm with two-thirds... Read More